whAt is cospAce?

What is Cospace?

Cospace is inspired by the various different Maker Spaces that have popped up all over the nation. We just tweaked it to cater to Cosplayers and their needs. Anarchy Girls Cospace INC will provide the following:

Sewing Space

We have two sewing machines and 1 Serger as well as a large cutting table. We also have either a commercial machine and PFAFF available upon request, that can handle thicker materials like leather.

This space is stocked with basic supplies and tools such as cutting boards, scissors, rotary cutters, some threads, pins, stitch rippers and so forth.

The sewing room will always have someone knowledgeable on hand to assist with the machines and any questions you may have about your project.

Crafting Space

The crafting space has four large tables for sculpting, molding, casting, foam and Worbla type work, painting and so forth.

Tools you will find in the craft space are heat guns, sculpting tools, molding tools, Dremels, soldering irons, sanders and other power tools for creating your projects.

We have some supplies for these types of projects that are available for purchase and some that are free to use for our members. We are also conveniently located next to Special Effect Supply where you can place an online order for local pickup and we can grab it for you so you don’t have to worry about getting there before the store closes.

This space will also always have a staff member on hand to assist you with whatever you may need.

3D Printing Office

We have a 3D printer and hope to have more as we go, the printer will have a small additional cost to cover the material and you will have to work with a staff member to make sure your print gets done, most prints take 8+ hours so a staff member needs to know that something is printing so they can keep an eye on it, otherwise material is wasted and you may have to start over.

Computer Lab

We have a basic computer and color laser printer on hand, these will be used for researching and printing reference materials, creating files for 3D prints and so forth. We are hoping to get an Adobe Creative Suite donated as well for people to use. There will also be a Pepakura program installed on the stations.

Class Room

We have a small classroom that can accommodate 10-15 people and is where we will hold classes. This room is also available to rent.


We have some supplies for sale such as fabric, leather and other materials, however supplies are limited to what we get donated, they will be sold for an affordable price and the proceeds will go back into Cospace. Members receive 50% off of the Cospace store.

Bulk Buying Power

Once a month we will place orders for supplies such as Worbla and molding/casting supplies this will allow us to get cheaper rates that come with bulk orders.

Meeting Space/Break Space

Our space is equipped with a small theater like room, we have comfortable seating, set up with a coffee maker and fridge, TV and a game system. This space will serve as a break room for when you just need to walk away from your project for a moment. It will also be offered to other non-profit groups to use as a board meeting space. We hope to upgrade this area with a projector and multiple games systems in the future.


We are holding regular workshops/classes/demos/lectures on a variety of subjects covering all aspects of costume and prop making. We will also do classes on the business aspects of cosplay.

Future Space Upgrades

Large format printer: We would like to get a large format printer that will print on Vinyl so you can create your own banners and stickers.
Vacuum form machine: Machines to vacuum form parts for costumes.
Laser Cutter/Etcher: Machine to laser cute/engrave/etch props and costume pieces.

Membership Comparison

*Buddy memberships now available, add 1 buddy per membership for $20.00 more a month.
1 month $40.00
3 months $108.00
Save 10%
6 months $180.00
Save 25%
Use of Entire Facility