1. Treat the space with respect, do not abuse the tools/machines or space. Clean up after yourself so the next person doesn't have to clean before they can start working.

  2. When your time slot is up, clear out so the next person can work.

  3. Play nice, we will have all different skill levels, please be nice and answer questions if someone asks, we want this to be a collaborative community, remember we were all beginners once.

  4. Don't photograph others or their work without permission.

  5. If you see someone abusing the space/equipment or other members please alert a staff member.

  6. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated, this includes any kind of hate speech directed at another person for any reason. In other words don't be an asshat.

  7. If you are unsure on how to use a particular piece of equipment or tool, ask for help.

  8. Work safely, no rough housing, light saber fights and other such play within Cospace, take it outside.

  9. No food will be allowed in any of the workspaces, you are welcome to eat in the meeting space if it is not booked

  10. All drinks must have a secured lid on them.

  11. You are responsible for any damage you cause in Cospace.

  12. Show tolerance, we all have different beliefs, Cospace is neutral ground so please leave politics and religion at the door.