wAys to donAte


When you shop at Amazon using this link .05% of your total purchase will automatically go to Anarchy Girls Cospace Inc


PayPal securely processes donations for Anarchy Girls Cospace INC. You can complete your payment with just a few clicks.


Do you work for Adobe? Microsoft? Dell? EA? We are listed on www.yourcause.com, many companies use this service with CSR Connect to allow their employees to donate and often match those donations. Ask your employer if they have a charitable giving program and see if you can choose Anarchy Girls Cospace INC to receive those funds.

Items we need

We will keep a running list of items we are looking for or wishing for. As a 501c3 we can give receipts for all donations for your tax records:

Cash (of course we need cash to help cover expenses)

Wood: 2x4’s, 4x4’s, plywood and so forth, pretty much anything other than firewood logs.

Paint: Any kind of paint, we can use house paint to paint tables and such, rattle cans for projects and acrylics for projects.

Tools: Any tools would be great, we can keep a stockpile, power tools are a plus, heat guns, wood burning knives and so forth.

Equipment: We need things like saws, shop vacs, air compressors and so forth.

Misc: We also look for unique items to help fill our photo studio section, so furniture and knick knacks things of that nature.

Photography Equipment: We could use backdrops, flashes and umbrellas.

Other Equipment: We would love to get a vacuum form machine, roto caster, laser cutter, projector and a large format color printer.

Shelving, tables, chairs, barstools, sewing tables, comfortable chairs for a theater room.