Members Info

Anarchy Girls Cospace INC is a 501c3 Non-profit corporation, this means all the money that is made/donated to Cospace goes back into the business. None of the officers or board members take any money out for themselves. Our financial records will be posted on our site regularly so you will see where you money is going each month

You must be 18 years old to become a member, we will allow those 16 and 17 with a parent/guardian release, if you are under 18 you parent/guardian will need to come in with you the first time to fill out paperwork.

The way all memberships will work is once you are registered and have paid your dues you will have access to the members only page. Tables/machinery/tools will have a schedule with 1 hour blocks that you can reserve each day. Once logged in you simply click the machine and times you want and it will be held for you. This will also apply to classes, photo studio time and meeting room time. Once your time slot is over please clean up and remove your work from the area so the next person scheduled can use it. If you sign up for a time and are unable to make it and do not cancel that slot within 24 hours you will be charged a $5.00 penalty for each slot. As a member you are always welcome to drop in however you will only be guaranteed the table/machine if you signed up for it.

Classes/Workshops/Demos/3D Printers will sometimes have additional costs outside of normal membership dues, this will cover the cost of supplies or guest instructors and will always be listed ahead of time. There will be many demos that will have no cost and of course onsite help is free.

Members will be given a two week head start to sign up for classes that are offered and a discounted rate, if the class isn’t full at the end of the two week registration period it will be opened up to the public at a standard rate.

Due to the nature of Cospace only members who have paid their dues and signed the appropriate forms may enter Cospace, no guests will be allowed.

Prices are subject to change without notice, if you have prepaid for the 3 or 6 month options you are locked in at that price for the time period you prepay for. However if prices increase you will have to pay the increased fee at the end of your prepaid term for the next term.

The types of memberships are as follows:

Standard Membership- $40.00 per month, can be paid monthly, recurring or you can pay for 3 or 6 months in advance. A 3 month plan would be $108 saving 10% and a 6 month would be $180 a savings of 25%. We are currently offering a presale special of $25.00 per month if you sign up before we open our doors or within the first 30 days of opening, you can choose to purchase the 3 or 6 month option at the $25.00 intro rate as well however no additional discounts will apply.

Our standard membership will include the use of the entire facility. You will be able to utilize the tools/expertise and available materials at your leisure during operating hours. The photo studio will have limitations on this membership, you can only use it to take quick photos of your own cosplays, this means no professional or extensive photo shoots, you should be in and out of the studio within 30 mins. Anyone using the photography studio must be a member of Anarchy Girls Cospace INC.

Charity Groups- Our charity groups membership is free, it only includes the meeting space. You will need to sign in and reserve you time for the meeting space and are limited to 2 hours per month for your group. This is to give other cosplay charities a space to hold board meetings.

Buddy Membership- $20 per month includes all the benefits of the standard membership. Buddy memberships must be added on to a current standard membership. One buddy per member and if the member discontinues their membership the Buddy membership would have to move to a standard member and pricing.

Coming Soon

Volunteer Membership- If you have a skill set and are willing to take shifts as Cospace in one of the spaces or can teach a workshop/demo/class we will be offering a discounted membership.

Scholarship- If you cannot afford the monthly fee we still want you to be able to participate, we will offer scholarships in trade for work around the shop, these are still being discussed but you would be required to work so many hours at the shop then you would get a month after the required hours are put in to use the facilities as a standard member. These will be decided each month and discussed by the board. We may not be able to offer them to everyone who applies and for that we apologize. We will also be looking to add pay if forward memberships that our members can pay for an additional membership to be gifted.

All members will need to sign the following paperwork:

You can download/print and bring with you on your first visit or we can print them there for you to sign.

You will need to bring your ID with you for us to make a copy.