teAm kApi

CEO/Chairman of the Board

About Kapi #teambolts

Kapi is the primary resource for sculpting, molding, casting, Worbla and other FX related cosplay skills, feel free to ask her for help with any of your projects, if she doesn't have the answer she will help you find it!

Kapi has been working with Yazmine for the last two years through Anarchy Girls Cosplay, together they created Elric Of Melnibone for a FanX 2015 competition piece, Artifacts for SLCC 2015 and helped lead the Death Gods project with the Chaos Squad for FanX2016. It was during this time that the idea for Cospace was formed. The Death Gods was a large group of cosplayers with varying skill levels. They found that working in this group was a great deal of fun and the ease of bouncing ideas off each other as well as keeping each other motivated and excited about the project was truly amazing. This level of collaboration was exhilarating and they found more and more people wanted to be involved however the limitations on the space they could work in made this difficult. Kapi loves sharing her knowledge and skills with anyone who wants to learn.

Prior to Kapi's collaboration with Yaz, she created the Lord of Darkness mask from the movie Legend and entered it in the first FanX cosplay competition taking 2nd place in the intermediate category.

Kapi's main responsibilities are

  • Administrative functions of Cospace
  • Lead in the craft room
  • El Capitan of Anarchy Girls and The Chaos Squad (She barks orders at everyone)
  • Keeping Yaz in check, finding ways to torment and sell Yaz
  • Cleaning up after Yaz

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