teAm rob


About Rob #teamdaywalker

Rob joined the Anarchy Girls team officially as a member of the Chaos Squad, and one of the first members at Cospace.

His Firefly paraphernalia has adorned his crafting table since our doors opened. He's a budding cosplayer who places the emphasis on "play" and is excited to dive deeply into the world of cosplay, crafting, costumes, and accessories.

A big fan of the scifi, horror, supernatural and suspense genres, Rob also dabbles in MST3K-style mocking of B, C and D-grade movies while also thoroughly enjoying them. A life-long comic-book collector, there are some titles in his collection that are even older than he is.

Rob's main responsibilities are

  • Shop assistant
  • Volunteer extraordinaire
  • Aiming to misbehave
  • Swearing by his pretty floral bonnet

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