teAm yAzmine


About Yazmine #teamstitches

Yazmine is the primary seamstress for Anarchy Girls Cosplay space and is available for assistance with all sewing and leather work inquiries.

Yazmine has been working with Kapi on costuming for 2 years through Anarachy Girls Cosplay. She has been sewing for 3+ years on off, tutored by incredible tailors in the SCA and self interest propelled studies online. Yazmine is self taught and loves to teach and show others how to design and sew using the same methods she has found in her searches and studies. She considers a lot of her technique "ghetto" and are methods not taught in a classroom but work in a pinch with minimal tools and knowledge on the subject. Her lessons are quick and dirty for the beginning seamstress or seamster.

Yazmine's main responsibilities are

  • Social Media Princess
  • Chewing Bubblegum
  • Kicking Ass
  • Taking names
  • Pushing things off of counters
  • Occasionally sewing

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